Our story

He was only a little boy when Nunzio Margiotta learned the secrets of the Baking Art by helping his widowed mother Sabina, in the preparation of bread, taralli and traditional sweets that were then sold at home for the sustenance of the family. Secrets that began with the most important ingredient before working the dough: the Sign of the Cross. After his studies, Nunzio started a flourishing distribution of bakery products, marketed under the brand I TESORI DI CANUSIUM, which will allow him to acquire the right experience that will lead him, encouraged by the results and above all thanks to the support of his four sons, Pantaleo , Domenico, Ilario and Gianmaria, to make real, in 2003, the dream of their life: a great Artisanal Tarallificio capable of industrial production standards. The Margiotta family thus laid the foundations for an ambitious and far-sighted project, that of delighting the palates of consumers with the True Artisanal Taralli in respect of the ancient and rigid disciplines handed down by tradition. In fact, to the market that offers machine made taralli, that are more or less good, but passed off as artisanal, are opposed the Taralli I TESORI DI CANUSIUM that have many and such successes that there is a constant need in the company to hire new staff and to acquire larger spaces for production and storage. In 2012, in fact, the company, which has over forty employees, moved to its current location of 2000 square meters (1,000 square meters of production area, 800 square meters for storage and 200 square meters for offices and services).


The production